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At Nautilus Tropical Fish we take pride in providing our customers (and their fish) with quality products and a variety of options!

Fresh Water Fish

The majority of our stock consists of a highly diversified variety of fish and invertebrates from around the globe.
Many of our fish are difficult to procure and are rare within the industry.
We carry a variety of some more common fish but our favorite types of fish to carry remains the oddballs that are not found very often in the aquarium community such as Marbled Hatchet Fish and the rare and coveted Blue Eyed Plecostomus.

Custom Aquariums

If you are looking for your exclusive custom made dream aquarium, look no further! Nautilus Tropical fish is an authorized dealer for Life Time Custom Aquariums.
We will be able to build a unique system perfect for you.
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We also offer R.O.DI (Reverse Osmosis Deionized) water for those who prefer it.
There is one hundred gallons of fresh R.O. water and two hundred gallons of R.O. premixed saltwater on
hand on a daily basis.

Dry Goods

We carry a variety of high quality products for everyday use, regular maintenance, and
emergency needs. Additionally, we carry a large selection of different types of stone and wood
for any hardscaping applications. Come and see everything we have to offer!

Live Plants

NTF specializes in planted and “scaped” aquariums. We offer a wide variety of live plants to
bring life and beauty to any freshwater aquarium. Some of our plants include rare species that
will strike a sense of excitement from beginning hobbyists through the most advanced and
experienced aquarists.

Quality Food

At NTF, we carry a selection of top brands of fish food in the country. Food types range from
standard flake to aggressive color enhancing formulas to a full line of frozen foods. These brands
offer high quality products to promote growth, color, and overall health for the lifecycle of your

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